Personal Training/Packages

All of the below packages are available online or face to face at your own home.

Yoga and Pilates Package


I’ve been teaching Yoga/Pilates classes for a few years now and often have clients come to me with individual problems eg back aches, knee problems, tight muscles, injuries, bad posture, anxiety etc and say that sometimes a class isn’t specific enough for them.

Specific Yoga stretches to increase flexibility, decrease risk of injury, prolong/increase exercise life

£150  5 x 1 hour sessions - to focus on clients individual needs that can’t be met in a class room. This package includes:

  • Specific Pilates training to improve core strength and posture.

  • Mindfulness/relaxation/meditation to help improve wellbeing, de stress, reduce anxiety/depression.

  • Nutritional advice to help weight management, improve sleep quality, improve general health and reduce risk of illness.

Online health/fitness package 


This package is specifically designed for clients that are struggling time wise for personal training, can’t afford one to one sessions, live too far from me or need some advice to get on the right track. 


This plan was inspired by my niece. She was struggling with her weight and needed help with regards to food and exercise, but she lived too far away from me for me to meet her and she had no money for sessions with a local trainer. I set her up and, with her commitment and WhatsApp messages, in just 6 months she’d lost 4 stone!!! 


You can either meet me for a consultation, discuss via email or over the phone. I will design a plan that’s individual for you, including food advice and exercise plans for home and/or the gym. You can contact me any time with questions or if you need advice. 


The initial set up is only £60 and you have the option of a follow up in 6-8 weeks for only £30.

Corporate Yoga/Pilates/Mindfulness/Well-being Sessions


If you’re stressed at work or manage a team of stressed colleagues, I can help improve health/wellbeing, reduce stress, improve core strength and flexibility, all things I know can suffer from working in an office (I worked in Banking for 8 years!). I run Yoga/Pilates/Mindfulness classes in the comfort of your own workplace. 

The sessions are £35 each

Personal Training Sessions


Being a class fitness instructor has made me realise the importance of individual one to one training. I’m a mobile personal trainer, which gives you more flexibility, you can train in the comfort of your own home, work around your schedule better, you won’t have to pay expensive gym membership, no more waiting for equipment to become available at the gym, saving time, saving money in petrol and no more childcare.


I focus on your individual goals, give nutritional advice and work around your lifestyle. 


I also offer small group training. If you want to work with a friend or group of friends. Help motivate each other and hit your goals together. This is a fun and more affordable way to work out. 


1 hour £35

5 x 1 hour sessions £150


Mum's Workout Package


I’ve been working with mothers for a couple of years now and, being a mum myself, I know that one of the biggest issues that prevents them from feeling good about themselves is the fact that they never seem to have time for themselves anymore. They come to see me worn out and fed up. So I’ve designed a personal training package that allows busy mums to get their ideal body, feel like a woman again and do something for themselves. They don’t even have to leave the house or have to sort out child care, I go to them. 

 £150 5 x 1 hour sessions  includes:

  • Boxing to relieve stress and tone up.

  • Nutrition and Weight Management advice to improve energy and lose weight.

  • A tension relieving stretch programme. HIIT/Circuit Training to increase metabolism, burn fat, defy age, build strength and confidence and improve heart health.


Health & Fitness Package


I’ve been a fitness instructor for over 15 years and have lost count of the amount of people who have approached me with the same questions...... “How can I shift this fat around my belly?” “How do I get rid of my bingo wings?” “How can I shift that last stone?” “How can I tone up my thighs?” “How can I get rid of my back fat?” The list goes on......

£150 5 x 1 hour sessions, this package is designed to help you get the body that you want quickly and easily. A non-complicated, tailor made, fitness programme just for you and your goals. It includes....

  • Strength training - to increase metabolism, burn fat and tone up.

  • Cardio training - to strengthen heart and lungs, feel and look great, reduce stress and increase confidence.

  • Nutritional advice - to improve weight loss, increase energy, help sleep quality and improve skin condition.




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