Pilates is suitable for all levels. Fantastic for improving posture, increasing strength, flexibility, stamina and concentration. Improving core strength and body alignment.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga includes postures, meditation and breathing techniques, with endless benefits... including improving strength, flexibility, stamina, releasing tension, calming the mind and relaxation.

Some of my many sequences include improving posture, increasing hip flexibility, increasing hamstring flexibility, alleviating sciatica, relieving stress, upper back tension relief, lower back tension relief, neck and shoulder tension relief, improving your energy, improving your sleep, improving your digestion and many more.

YinYang Yoga

A beautiful mixture of Solar Poses (Active) and Lunar Poses (Passive). Designed to get the body moving and release any build up you may have and then gentle unwind and relax, finishing with gentle breathing and meditation. De-stressing the body and mind.


Yin Yoga

A beautiful mix of poses, holding them for longer to increase flexibility and compliment more active exercise/movements. De-cluttering the mind and de-stressing physically and mentally. With a meditation to calm the mind and body.

Yoga Nidra or "Yogic Sleep"

When you enter a deep state of conscious relaxation. A systematic practice of moving awareness from our external world to the inner world. Reducing brain activity and sending the body into a healing state. It is said that one hour of Yoga Nidra can give the same benefit of a four hour sleep. Benefiting those who struggle to let go, suffer from lack of sleep, trauma, burn-out and anxiety. 

Yoga for Improving Core Strength Course

Helping to improve core strength using Yoga Poses. Also reducing belly fat and improving posture.

Totally Shredded

HIIT and combat inspired workout that is inspired by drum n bass & funky house music. shredding inches from the body.


A weight based class designed to tone, lean and get fit through lots of repetitions and strength/endurance training. Suitable for all abilities.


A combination of strengthening, toning and stretching to great music. designed to lean up, tone up, improve flexibility and core strength and nourish the body and mind.

Online Session Recordings

All of the online sessions are recorded, so if you would like to take part, but cannot make a specific day/time, please book online and in the message box say that you would like a recording, you will then receive this via email. 

Totally Shredded Long Stratton Leisure Centre
Yoga Long Stratton Leisure Centre
Hatha Yoga Online Class 
Pilates Online Class 
Totally Shredded Long Stratton Leisure Centre
Yoga Long Stratton Leisure Centre
Pilates UEA SportsPark
LBT UEA SportsPark
Yoga Bannatyne Costessey
BodyPump Bannatyne Costessey
3 Week Yoga for Improving Core Strength Online Course
YinYang Yoga Online Class 
Totally Shredded Long Stratton Leisure Centre
Yoga Long Stratton Leisure Centre
Yoga Bannatyne Costessey
BodyPump Bannatyne Costessey
Yin Yoga Online Class
Yoga Nidra 19:30-20:15 Online Class 
Pilates Poringland Community Centre
08.45-09.45 (Online during Lockdown)
BodySculpt/Yoga Wymondham Leisure Centre
Pilates Bannatyne Costessey

Below is the local and online class timetable from 17th May 2021

Classes for Long Stratton, Wymondham, Bannatynes and UEA will stay as above. Please get in touch if you have any questions. You will be able to book onto these closer to the time.



Hatha Yoga 6-7pm Framingham Earl Methodist Church

(back to Poringland Community Centre from 1st July)

Pilates 7.30-8.30pm Online




Pilates 6-7pm Surlingham Village Hall

YinYang Yoga 7.30-8.30pm Online




Hatha Yoga 6-7pm Surlingham Village Hall

3 Week Themed Hatha Yoga 7.30-8.30pm Online




Pilates 8.45-9.45am St. Georges Hall Stoke Holy Cross

(back to Poringland Community Centre from 1st July)

Yin Yoga 6-7.15pm Every last Friday of the month Online

Yoga NIdra 7.30-8.15pm Every last Friday of the month Online



By choosing to participate in any of the online classes/courses by Stacey Grey Fitness, the participant accepts that they undertake and engage in the session without supervision at their own risk.

Participants are encouraged to exercise common sense and always seek the guidance of a medical professional before undertaking any form of online sports and physical activity. Participants with pre-existing medical conditions, injuries or disabilities that may affect their ability to participate in the online sports and physical activity session should seek medical advice and obtain written confirmation for their suitability to take part before participating.


Where sessions are live or only accessible by participants at the discretion of Stacey Grey Fitness is the responsibility of the participants to make Stacey Grey Fitness aware of any conditions, injuries or disabilities prior to participating in the online sports and physical activity session.

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